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I appreciate classic literature, Jane Austen, second-hand book shopping and a good cup of tea. My 'Favourites' shelf represent the books which formed the person behind these words. 

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The Jane Austen Pocket Bible by Holly Ivin

The Jane Austen Pocket Bible - Holly Ivins, Ivins

I’ve wanted to check this out for a while but I couldn’t resist when I found it’s only £1 on Kindle! (Zero willpower where books are concerned)

As it turns out, it was money well spent.  I’ve loved Jane for many years now and was worried it would merely be reiterating what I’d read elsewhere, but it is full of insights into Jane’s world. From actual stately homes which are reported to have influenced her writing, to the historical context of the period via character breakdowns and their incomes! Recommended reading for any Austen fans out there; seasoned or newcomers!